What’s Your Dream?

Help an orphan’s dream take flight, and let your dreams take flight too!

Gather your church, school, community, or family together for an inspiring, fun, and purposeful way to directly help orphans with special needs around the world!

Why Host A Kite Event?

  1. To discover and be inspired by the amazing story of Walter’s Flying Bus
  2. To allow the art and dreams of Walter and his friends to encourage your own dreams to take flight
  3. To bring awareness and take action on behalf of orphans with special needs
  4. To celebrate your dreams and the dreams of those around you
  5. Because all proceeds from kite kits go to helping orphans with special needs; including adoption assistance grants, care, and advocacy.

SO…with just the purchase of a kite kit, you have already helped dreams take flight!

Ideas of What you can do…


  • Fundraise for families in your church that are adopting
  • Awareness and/or prayer night for orphans with special needs
  • Teaching and discipleship tool for kids of all ages
  • Use as a missions trip fundraiser
  • Take Walter’s Flying Bus to another orphanage

  • Celebrate the beauty and dignity of every child
  • Have a focused, purposeful chapel or assembly
  • Help raise support for a specific orphanage anywhere in the world
  • Discuss & expose fears & con-cerns surrounding special needs
  • Encourage the kids in your school to dream big


  • Have a dream / kite themed birthday party with a purpose
  • Host an Adoption party
  • Have a surprise fundraising party for a family who is adopting
  • Raise support for a family mission trip
  • Have a family “dream night”- Talk about, share, and encourage each other’s dreams to take flight

Thank you for supporting what WE do by simply purchasing a kite kit. Remember you can use the event as your own fundraiser too!(ticket sales, donations, sell Walter’s Flying Bus merchandise, or resell the kites) Really, it’s up to you! Be creative, the sky’s the limit!

What’s In A Kite Kit?

  1. Pre-assembled kites (one for each person)
  2. One hardback copy of Walter’s Flying Bus*
  3. One eBook/app version of Walter’s Flying Bus*
  4. Two Walter’s Flying Bus T-shirts*
  5. Two Walter’s Flying Bus wrist bands*
  6. Detailed instructions and suggestions on how to host your kite event

* Option to purchase as many as you desire!

How Do I Host A Kite Event?

Send your contact info to events@chosenanddearlyloved.org and we’ll get right back to you.
*For large events, we recommend showing Walter’s Flying Bus on a big screen for maximum impact.
For any size event, remember to arrange any A/V equipment you will need (projector, laptop, iPad, sound equipment, etc.)

Every child wants a family.
Help Dreams Take Flight!
Together, lets make this possible for orphans with special needs around the world!

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Helping Dreams Take Flight!