We champion orphans with special needs around the world

Adoption Grants

An Adoption Grant can change a child’s life forever.

Israel and Joanna want to adopt Zeke, a child with down-syndrome but don’t have enough money to complete the adoption. What if they had help?

Chosen & Dearly Loved offers financial support to families engaging in special needs adoptions. By helping a family cover adoption expenses, we are removing a major barrier.

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Family Support

Adopting an orphan with special needs is just the beginning…

The Tangs have adopted their second child with special needs and feel more alone and overwhelmed than ever. They need and deserve continuing support, encouragement and training.

That’s why at Chosen & Dearly Loved we are devoted to supporting these wonderful families in the ways they need most through refreshing seminars and fun family events.

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Global Care

Chosen & Dearly Loved seeks to give orphans with special needs the best quality of life possible in their home country.

Shaker was thrown into the trash by fearful parents when they found out he was HIV-positive at two weeks old. Homes like Ekisa provide loving care for discarded children like Shaker.

Chosen & Dearly Loved comes alongside children’s homes, community leaders, and churches committed to providing critical care including food, clothing, medical care, and education.

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Real life stories inspire us to make a difference.

Walter longs to belong in a loving family. By sharing his story Chosen & Dearly Loved helps make dreams like Walter’s come true.

Through fun and inspiring Apps, hardcover books, and engaging videos, we are able to highlight the truth about orphans with special needs. And celebrate how adoptive families bring hope and a future for these children.

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